Second Anniversary of « A Day For All Nights » Blog

In those days, we celebrate the second anniversary of my blog.

Sorry for my silence during the past months, but I have been very busy with a new job that requested a lot of my attention and free time.

First, many thanks to all visitors all over the world that have spared a few minutes to visit my blog. For reference, there were about 16 000 of you to visit the blog this month ! Many thanks to all. This comes as an encouragement to go on with the blog.

Of course,I have several other topics in mind but, as said above, I am very busy with a new job. I thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. You will hear from me again…

Also, I wish to send my very special appreciation to several people for their support and kindneess : the high class actress Lesley –Anne Down, the film composer Michael J. Lewis, Alan Hammer the European Representative Of the Miklós Rózsa Society and Gea Vermeulen responsible of the Official Lesley-Anne Down Fan Club, and many close friends like Jean-Pierre P. for their help and support.

I also want to salute the memory of some great actors and famous artists who passed away during the past months :

Joan Fontaine, Eleanor Parker, Rossana Podesta, Esther Williams, Peter O’Toole, Giuliano Gemma, Maximilian Schell, Jay Robinson, Karen Black, Michael Winner, Edouard Molinaro, Georges Lautner, Riz Ortolani, Ray Harryhausen, Bryan Forbes, Richard Matheson etc…

We will not forget them.

I hope to hear from you, together with your suggestions during the next year, for which I thank you in advance…

Warmest regards t all.

Clark Gable and Susan Hayward on the set of "Soldier of Fortune" (1955)